Day Forty-Five – Feeling happiness

My marriage and my relationship with my husband was one of the main reasons I started this journey. We just aren’t in the place I’d like us to be. There are so many stressful parts of life and I don’t want my chosen family to ever be described that way. Our troubles stem from the […]

Day Thirty-Eight – The beauty of nature

There is nothing that grounds me more than the awe-inspiring wonder of nature: sunsets, waterfalls, snow-covered trees, bubbling creeks, and chirping birds. It all is so humbling and helps one to appreciate the present. Late last summer we moved from the sunny beaches of California to the rain-soaked river city of Portland, Oregon. Our son […]

Day Thirty-Five – One of the lucky ones

We’ve had a rough weekend of sickness, separation anxiety, and no sleep in our house. Today, after taking my son to his weekly occupational therapy appointment, I took a deep breath and thought about how lucky I am. Lucky enough to stay at home with my son. Lucky enough to have the time to take […]

Day Twenty-Five – Potty trained 2 year old

On Friday morning while dropping my son off at preschool, a little girl walked in (still in her pjs) and announced, “I’m wearing a diaper.” The teacher then asked her if she’d like to change into her underwear, and she said yes. Now there is absolutely nothing shocking about this situation, but it made me […]

Day Twenty-Two – Sickness

Last night was rough. My son caught some sort of virus and came down with a fever and a cough. He is not one to sleep extra hours when sick, in fact, it is quite the opposite. I think I may have gotten about four hours of sleep last night. As he sat on my […]