Day Thirty-Eight – The beauty of nature

There is nothing that grounds me more than the awe-inspiring wonder of nature: sunsets, waterfalls, snow-covered trees, bubbling creeks, and chirping birds. It all is so humbling and helps one to appreciate the present.

Late last summer we moved from the sunny beaches of California to the rain-soaked river city of Portland, Oregon. Our son is a completely different child when he’s outdoors exploring and playing, so this was a great decision for us. Better yet, yesterday Portland got its first (and probably only) snow of the season. It’s absolutely magical watching the snow float down and coat the ground with its sparkly white quiet.

This morning our whole world was cloaked in a blanket of snowy folds, and I spent a few moments appreciating the sight before my son and I charged outside to play in it. I’ll spend a few more moments soaking up the serenity tonight before I head up to bed.


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