Day Twenty-Eight – Quilting for charity

I’ve been wanting to attempt this task forever, but I had to put quilting aside for the past three years. Well, I’m back in the game baby!

My recent attempt at organizing my sewing room led to a massive fabric explosion as I tried to fold and sort my ginormous stash. I love my stash, but there are quite a few fabrics that I don’t really like that are currently taking up space in my creativity-zone. This year I would like to “get rid” of the fabrics I don’t love by sewing them into quilts for charity. There are so many great aspects to this plan, including the fact that I can experiment with new patterns and techniques without feeling the pressure to create perfection.

I’ve already started my first two quilts! One is purple and orange and will be made of small Lone Star blocks, which I’ve always been very nervous about trying. The second started with a cutesy animal panel in the center and I’m sashing it in a variety of styles. I’m so excited to use up these fabrics and develop my quilting skills at the same time.

But the absolute best part about this entire project is that my quilts will go to kids who more than deserve some extra affection and attention. My fabric shop is connected to an awesome organization that delivers quilts to each child who is in the process of being removed from their home and placed into foster care. Even though I have no firsthand experience with this issue, their need hits my heart hard. I just can’t imagine not having a safe, stable, and loving family for the duration of one’s childhood.

I hope these kids will find love, warmth, and comfort wrapped up in each of my quilts!


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