Day Twenty-Five – Potty trained 2 year old

On Friday morning while dropping my son off at preschool, a little girl walked in (still in her pjs) and announced, “I’m wearing a diaper.” The teacher then asked her if she’d like to change into her underwear, and she said yes.

Now there is absolutely nothing shocking about this situation, but it made me freeze in my tracks and thank my lucky stars. This girl just celebrated her 4th birthday and I deduced from this situation that she still isn’t fully night trained. My boy has been day and night trained since he was 28 months old, and it was relatively easy compared to common accounts of the process.

My son has given us many challenges in his short life, so I was prepared to wait until he was at least 3 before attempting any sort of potty training. I wanted to make sure he could communicate well and that he understood what I was asking him to do. But it just kind of happened. At 27 months old he basically trained himself in a few weeks. I hadn’t even bought underwear for him or researched potty training methods yet.

I’m pretty sure our luck with this matter has something to do with his strong-will and independent personality.


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