Day Eleven – Appreciation

Though I’m out of practice, I’m acutely aware that taking the time to appreciate the special little moments during my day makes a substantial impact on my perceived level of happiness.

Two of those moments from today:

On our way to the Children’s Museum this morning, a huge rainbow appeared in front of us on the freeway. It wasn’t a full arc and the scenery surrounding it wasn’t quite awe-worthy, but it was absolutely beautiful to me – it was the first rainbow my son has ever seen.

Just to savor one of my son’s idiosyncrasies, I gave him a lollipop when we got home. He has this funny way of spontaneously saying, “Mmm, yummy,” with a little shoulder shrug when he tastes something that he really really loves. It’s purely a statement with very little emotion – the product of our serious little man surprised by a sense of joy. I find it fantastically adorable!


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