Day Eight – I did it.

I deleted the Facebook app from my iPhone.

Don’t worry, I’m not going off the deep end and deleting my profile or vowing never to return for a visit. But this app was a serious time-sucker and happiness-deflator.

Honestly, I was checking my newsfeed multiple times a day, catching up on the lives of people I haven’t spoken to in over ten years, and will never talk to again in my life. I realize that I was using it as a form of entertainment, but subconsciously, every time I looked at a photo of a new baby or a road trip to Palm Springs, I was comparing my life to theirs.

Lessons from my Facebook purge:

* I need to live in the moment and appreciate the happiness present in my life.

* I need to reconnect with my real friends in person – phone calls, trips to visit, and care packages – liking their most recent sunset photo doesn’t count.


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