Day Three – A simple list, or two

I thought today I would simply take the time to list some my moments of happiness.

  • carrying my son down the stairs in the morning while he held tightly to my neck and buried his face in my shoulder, I breathed in his sweet smell and wished I had ten more flights of stairs to walk
  • having my son tell me that he wants to go swimming with a dolphin with a shiny nose (Rudolph the reindeer reference)
  • saving our family money by catching an error on a month-old receipt from a clothing purchase, and promptly dealing with it
  • hearing my son kindly approach other kids on the playground with an upbeat “Hi!” and tell them his entire name (middle included) as if they could even understand his first name
  • taking a new route to get back onto the highway and being pleasantly surprised that it was a much longer detour than expected and that it allowed me to explore farm country
  • my son loving the idea of adding capers to his cheese pizza, and then wanting more just to eat by themselves
  • watching my son literally jump for joy, clap his hands, and squeal with glee when my husband brought him four Santa treats (chocolate covered raisins from his stocking)

This is what is on my happiness agenda for tomorrow:

  • clean and put away all dishes (yes, this is a huge achievement for me)
  • make two owl pouches and a pink tutu for the birthday girl of the first party my son’s scored an invite to
  • read more of Gretchen’s Happiness Project book… loving it!
  • flip through some of my old Everyday Food magazines, find a healthy recipe to make this week, then look forward to more happiness when I eat it

On a side note… I noticed another mom at the park today who never smiled and had a perpetual frown on her face. I was so acutely aware of it and how “turned off” it made me towards her. Yuck, that must be the vibe I’ve been giving off. More smiling for me, for sure!


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