Day One – I guess I’m not alone

So I went to the library yesterday to quickly browse through the self-help section and grab anything that might be useful to me as I start this adventure. I ended up with three books, all with the word happy/happiness in the title, so I suppose that’s my goal. The first book that I picked up is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I read the first chapter today and was blown away – it was like I had written every word. I had independently replicated most of her thought process and come to the same basic idea as a conclusion.

  • I’m not unhappy, I just know I can be happier.
  • I have so much to be happy about, but I am not as grateful as I should be.
  • I want to be a more positive person, which is directly related to happiness.
  • I always thought that as I matured, my bad traits and habits would disappear.
  • I need to make changes so that I’m better prepared for the unknown in my future.
  • I spent my whole life anticipating the next major happy change (career, marriage, motherhood) and now all the big stuff is in the past.
  • I am not currently living the life I want to look back on.
  • Nothing will change, unless I make the change.

The only thing that differed, was that I had already come to terms with the selfish aspect of this journey, and had determined that I can’t be the best wife and mother if I’m not already the best version of myself.

And so I begin my experiment of 2014… What can I do to achieve more balance and happiness in my life?


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